3. Transcript of call to 911

June 6th, 2026, 4:15pm PDT

Emergency Responder: 911, what is your emergency?

Unknown caller: Please help us! I can see a fire over my back fence! I don’t have a car. Can you send a firetruck?

Emergency Responder: What is your location?

Unknown caller: Mace Boulevard, Davis.

Emergency Responder: Sorry, ma’am, we don’t have any firetrucks in the area.

Unknown caller: But I saw one go past ten minutes ago!

Emergency Responder: That must be a private firetruck, ma’am. Currently our three fire trucks are all located in Sacramento.

Unknown caller: Can you put me in touch with the private firetruck?

Emergency Responder: Unfortunately no, ma’am. We don’t keep records of the private firetrucks.

Unknown caller: (baby crying in the background) Oh my God it’s just jumped the fence! Please can you send someone to help me evacuate?

Emergency Responder: Unfortunately no, ma’am. We have a deal with both Lyft and Uber to provide 50% off fares during an active fire event.

Unknown caller: But I checked both Lyft and Uber and the fare will be several thousand dollars! I don’t have a credit card that will cover it!

Emergency Responder: I’m sorry ma’am but they do add Danger Surge Pricing. After all it is a dangerous job. They are putting their lives on the line.

Unknown caller: (woman crying) Please, please, can’t you do something to help us!

Emergency Responder: I’m sorry ma’am. I wish I could. President Trump cut all our funding earlier this year as he said that there was no fire season in California.

(garbled noise)