1. Share Alike Business Plan

Executive Summary

The twenty-first century is defined by its use-once, throw-away culture. ShareAlike aims to change this. From food, household items, to garden equipment and holiday houses, ShareAlike provides the backbone of a fully sharing community.

How it works

When a person joins ShareAlike they will receive a Welcome Pack, consisting of a twenty gallon bag, ten Tupperware contains, and a hundred labels, all emblazoned with the ShareAlike logo. After setting up their account they can add items that they would like to share, for example:

  • Lawnmower
  • Colored pens
  • Medical equipment, like crutches
  • Parking spot
  • Birthday decorations
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Holiday house
  • Bicycle
  • Tents
  • Car

As well as things that they would like to give away, barter or sell, such as:

  • Homemade dinners
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Coloring book
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Medical equipment like a CPAP machine

Or offer a service, such as:

  • Ride-sharing
  • Parcel delivery

In addition people can search for these things and pay or barter to borrow items, or pay or barter to take ownership of items.

How will ShareAlike make money?

It is not ShareAlike’s aim to make its founders rich. It is the ShareAlike aim to reduce waste in our society and foster community sharing. However it is necessary for ShareAlike to charge money in order to appropriately pay for the development and maintenance of the system. It is anticipated that people using ShareAlike will be charged a small monthly fee, and a small percentage will be added to each transaction.

Some examples

Judy Smith spends her Thursdays making a traditional Mexican soup. She posts on ShareAlike that anyone can purchase a pot of her soup for $10. Wendy takes her up on this, and pays $10 as well as swapping one of her ShareAlike Tupperware containers for a Tupperware container filled with soup from Judy.

Tom has a bicycle he can no longer use since he sprained his ankle. He posts on ShareAlike that anyone can borrow the bicycle for up to six weeks, when he will be able to ride again. Julie is considering riding to work and would like to trial it. She arranges with Tom to borrow the bike for four weeks for $5 a week.

Jose Ramirez is moving from Los Angeles to Seattle. He posts on ShareAlike that he would like someone to share the driving with him. Sarah wants to go to Seattle to visit friends. She arranges with Jose to join him on the drive. They split the gas money.